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NOAH BALMER | noah@noahbalmer.com | 510-508-0428

I’m a product designer who strives to create original and useful products. By understanding the user and through rigorous prototyping and testing, I work to create products that people will value.

User Research, Need-Finding, Hand Sketching, Ideation, Digital Rendering, Sketch Modeling, Model Making, Prototyping, 2D and 3D Rapid Prototyping, Concept Generation, Product Development, Strategic Design, User-Centered Design, Packaging Design, Understanding of Mass Production Manufacturing Processes, Solidworks, Autodesk Alias, Bunkspeed Shot, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign.

JOBY Acquired by DayMen (San Francisco, CA)
Director of Design (2016-present), Design Manager/Creative Lead (2014-2015), Lead Product Designer (2012-2014), Industrial Designer (2010-2012)

Designed over 30 photography, outdoor lighting and mobile accessories on a small R&D team using agile development. I create products that reflect JOBY’s empowering, beautiful, and fun philosophy. Responsible for everything from determining features based on user needs to color and texture specifications, brand appropriateness. I also work with engineers on feasibility and production method options. Created product refreshes, line extensions and new line development including establishing a GoPro accessory line and a product camera strap line.

User Research – Discover insights first-hand through market research, observational studies, interviews, and usability testing. I develop an understanding of the user group and what could enhance their life.

Concepting – After synthesizing the research, I quickly develop numerous concepts which are later vetted based on team feedback, market dynamics and brand fit.

Sketching, Modelmaking and Rendering – Using simple shop tools and rapid prototyping, I create “works-like” models that are tested to failure, then improved upon and “looks-like” renderings to help others visualize the end product. I critique and iterate the designs to a greater level of fidelity taking into account feedback from key stakeholders including the customer, engineering, sales and marketing teams.

Product Development – Communicating with our manufacturing team in Shenzen, China daily to maintain the design intent through design for manufacturing and pilot production runs. I try to be in the factory during this phase for on-the-fly decision making.

Product Commercialization – To maintain the product’s story and design intent, I work across teams to determine the product name, assets, packaging specs, launch photos/videos and sales collateral.

Action Clamp with Locking Arm

UltraFit Sling Strap

GorillaPod Micro

GorillaMobile Ori for iPad

GorillaMobile for iPhone

  • 2011 CES Innovations Showcase Design Award

GorillaTorch Switchback



BKR(San Francisco, CA)
Lead industrial designer (2009-2010)

Hired by the founder to design a simple, iconic water bottle for people to carry as a fashion accessory. BKR quickly became successful, being adopted by many Hollywood celebrities and fashion magazines. Product went on to sell in Nieman Marcus, GAP, Crate and Barrel, Anthropologie and other stores around the world.

Brainstorming and Ideation – Hired to design the flagship product, I worked closely with the founder to determine the product’s potential through user research, market trends, and white space finding.

Concepting – The aesthetics were key to a successful product and many iterations were pursued to create the product that the founder envisioned.

2D and 3D Rapid prototyping and rendering. Used hand sketches, CAD models, renderings, and 3d printed mock-ups to illustrate the product in detail to potential investors.

Logo and Packaging Design – Helped create the company’s initial logo and packaging design to express the brand’s unique aesthetic and values.


Freelance Industrial Designer 2008
Sisus Bath Helper (Santa Cruz, CA) 2008
Redesigned a wheelchair-to-bathtub transfer system from concept generation to renderings for funding. Created engineering prototypes. Worked with the founder to turn other handicapped transfer points into product concepts for future products.

Environmental Volunteers (San Jose, CA) 2008
Designed and built multiple sets of interactive learning stations used in the company’s environmental education curriculum.

Coheso corporation (Pleasanton, CA) 2008
Redesigned the company’s handheld dietary calculator. Used form ideation, marker rendering and CAD modeling for prototypes and injection tooling. Redesigned the keyboard layout, button sizing/placement, and overall scale based on internal component sizing, human factors, and user needs. Updated the industrial design to add emotional value to the product and brand.

Hiemstra Product Development (San Francisco, CA) 2007
A four month internship with the medical device design consultancy. An integral part of a 3 person design team on numerous handheld surgical tools. Interacted with clients on solo projects. Created foam models to develop ergonomic handles to aid in more successful surgical procedures. Later Hiemstra combined with Lunar to create their life sciences practice.

California College of the Arts (San Francisco, CA) 2004-2008
B.F.A. in Industrial Design with Distinction

  • 2008 IDSA Student Merit Award Nominee
  • 2008 International Home and Housewares Competition, 2nd Place
  • 2007 All-College Honors Merit Award
  • 2006 Interzinc International Design Challenge Winner

Lewis & Clark College (Portland, OR) 2002-2004

  • Studied Sculpture and Psychology

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